Christian Ryan

Christian Ryan wrote his first play in 2009. It was an Easter production called “Worthy is the Lamb”, later changed to “The King on a Cross”. He has been in numerous stage plays before, most of which at school. He also published his first book, “The King on a Cross” in 2011/2012 which was based off of the play.

Christian Ryan lives in Utah with his mom and dad, Angel D. and A. Sylvester, his little sister Halle, his grandmother, cousin, second cousin, aunt and his mischievous cat, Sarafina. He spends much of his free time writing books, plays and (more recently) stop-motion movie scripts. Ryan really enjoys making stop-motion films and he made his first stop-motion film in 2010, but that one wasn’t very good. He finally started back making stop-motion movies again in 2012 and at the moment is in the middle of the second series of Animal Face-Off season 2. The series should be available for viewing this spring (Lord willing). Ryan and his sister are also puppeteers and he is very active in his church.

Favorite Movies Include: Jurassic Park Trilogy, “Walking with . . .” series, Primeval series, Planet Dinosaur series, Soul Surfer, Dolphin Tale, Ice Age series, Road to Avonlea series . . . etc, (you get the picture)

Favorite Food(s): Pasta, mainly

Favorite Color(s): Blue, Yellow, Orange

Favorite Animal(s): Elephants (living and extinct) & Dinosaurs

Favorite Species of Dinosaur: Velociraptor

Favorite Movie Hero(es): Proff. Nick Cutter (Primeval), Connor Temple (Primeval), Dr. Alan Grant (Jurassic Park), Dr. Laura Sorkin (Jurassic Park: The Game, her status as a hero is questioned), Claudia Brown/Jenny Lewis (Primeval), Abby Maitland (Primeval), Bethany Hamilton (Soul Surfer), Nigel Marven (Prehistoric Park, Chased by Dinosaurs . . . etc), Matt Anderson (Primeval)

Favorite Movie Villian(s): Alonzo Hawk/John Slade (Herbie Rides Again etc.), Oliver Leek (Primeval), Doris La Sage (Dinotopia), Helen Cutter (Primeval)

Hobbies: Writing (of course), making stop-motion videos & reading

Ryan is NOT on Facebook

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