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Leapin' Lemurs!

Alright, we've got a lot to go through today, so get your seat belts on tight! It's going to be a bumpy ride! (Of course that's a complete exaggeration but you get my point) You will recall that I mentioned the casting call last week. How did that go? Well, not good at all. I sat for three whole hours sitting on a very uncomfortable bench waiting for someone to show up. No one did. So we had another one right after church, and thankfully we've got some actors! Of course, we can still use more actors. There are four more speaking parts to fill and about 12 NON-SPEAKING ROLES we have to be filled. So if you want to take part, it's not too late. Just stop by Vassar Road Baptist Church after service (or you can stay for service) and we'll see what part fits you best.

By the way, how did you like the stop-motion film I made that was in the previous entry? You can post your opinion as a comment. You may be wondering if I have another one. Well, I do, but I have had trouble getting it onto the computer. But I am working on my next one. It's the first of a series called "Animal Face-Off" and this first episode is called "Lion vs. Tiger". This series is based off of a series that appeared on Animal Planet a few years back (like I said in my last entry, I'm still making short films as practice). If it seems rather weird that lions and tigers would fight because of where they live, well, this fight does happen in the wild (lions and tigers both live in Asia). As a matter of fact, ALL of the animal fights in the series DO happen in the wild, but we rarely witness them. So what I intend to do in this series, is recreate these fights (don't worry, they don't get too graphic) and see what the outcome will be. So it's time for:


So what this is is a poll to see what animal you guys think will win the fight. (Now I have done my research to ensure the fight is as accurate as possible) This episode of Animal Face-Off is Lion vs. Tiger. So what you can do is do your research and then post a comment that says which animal you believe will win. Then sometime in September, I'll show the video of the fight.

As you'll recall in the book of Genesis in the Bible, God created all the land animals on Day 6 (this includes dinosaurs). These animals would have included an animal we all know and love - the lemur. Now lemurs might look like monkeys, after all they are both primates, but lemurs and monkeys are not related, contrary to what those brainwashed evolutionists say. Lemurs are actually prosimians. Prosimians (Pro-sim-ee-ans) is a group of primates that along with lemurs also includes tarsiers and bushbabies. The most famous lemur is no doubt the Ring-Tailed Lemur, but there are over 100 other species of lemurs living on the earth today. All can be found on the African island of Madagascar. Here are a few examples:

Grey Mouse Lemur

Black and White Ruffed Lemur

The Indri Lemur


Golden Bamboo Lemur

Verreaux's Sifaka

Ring-Tailed Lemur

Unlike monkeys, lemurs can't hang from their tails. But they are very handy for balance while scampering among the tree branches. The largest lemur is the Indri (as seen in one of the pictures above) and the smallest is the mouse lemur (also seen in one of the pictures above). The mouse lemur is only 11 inches long! This makes it not only the smallest lemur, but also the smallest primate.

Lemurs live in groups called troops and they are normally (but not always in some species) lead by a dominant female. Unlike most primates, this is a female-ruled society. The males don't just sit back and relax however, they help in fighting rival groups over territory. And when the males fight, boy, you might want to get a close-pin! Males don't just use their hands and feet to fight, they use stink! You see, God made these guys with special scent glands on their wrists. They rub them on their tails and then they wag their tails around to try and frighten the other lemur troop away.

These furry primates also live in a variety of habitats too, from cacti scrub-land areas, to dense tropical rain forests. They also eat a lot of different types of food, including leaves, flowers, fruit and insects. Mmmmm, sounds yummy! Some lemurs have more centralized diets e.g. the Bamboo Lemur (see the above pictures) mainly eats bamboo.

Lemur's vary greatly in size today. But back in the day, lemurs had even greater size ranges. Take the Megalatopus for example.

This lemur was one of the largest ever. It grew as big as a gorilla and weighed about 400 pounds! It was perfectly at home in the trees. Lemurs made it to Madagascar probably by floating on rafts of vegetation after Noah's Flood. Then using natural selection (which is very different from evolution by the way, but I'll discuss that later) they changed into a variety of different forms. However, about 2,000 years ago, the giant lemurs were doomed when humans arrived to Madagascar, they cleared much of the land and cut down many of the trees giant lemurs needed to survive. The smaller lemurs managed to cling on, but the bigger lemurs needed more food and would have needed to cover vast areas to find it. On the ground giant lemurs were not comfortable, they were most at home in the trees. So unfortunately they went extinct. However, we still have over 100 species of lemurs today (and scientists are STILL finding new species), but if we are to have them in the future, we must preserve their habitat and be good stewards of the earth like God instructed us to be in the book of Genesis all those thousands of years ago.

That's all for now! Catch you next week!

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