Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Bull Shark and Hippo Face-Off!

Hey everyone! Today we’re going to have a ton of fun! Not only is today the premier of my latest stop-motion movie, but we’re also going to look at the other animal in the face-off: the Bull Shark, after some updates of course!

Now we just had a casting call for my Christmas play, “A Big Misunderstanding” this past Saturday New Beginnings Church. My expectations were a bit high unfortunately, and guess what? Just about no one showed up! Again! Fortunately however, I wasn’t sitting there bored for a few hours. I hung out with the one actor who showed up (the actor portraying Ben). But we simply didn’t have enough people to do the casting call. So I say it’s time for Plan D! Plan D is to have a casting call at one more church if the Pastor says yes. But seriously, if we don’t get actors soon, we’re going to have to cancel it for this year. I’m still hopeful though! (For need-to-know information on how and who can be in this performance (no prior experience required) please contact me at

Anyway, it’s time we depart from depressing news and get on with it! Right? Now as I already mentioned, today’s animal we’re going to look at is called the Bull Shark or Carcharinus leucas.
The bull shark is about 11 feet long from nose to tail, weigh over 510lbs and lives in many oceans around the world. Bull sharks eat a variety of things, including fish, invertebrates such as crustaceans, small mammals, carcasses and even other sharks, including young bull sharks. In its mouth it has rows of small but sharp serrated teeth that can cut through the flesh of most victims. But can it bite through two inches of hippo hide in our face-off? You’ll have to wait and see!

The big, bad Bull Shark!
Many of you guys might think that it’s weird for a bull shark to be fighting a hippo considering sharks are usually found in ocean water, but that’s most sharks. The bull shark is a totally different shark! God made the bull shark in such a way that it can live happily in a freshwater lake or river. Most sharks have to stay in salty ocean water just to survive. But not the bull shark! These fish have been found swimming in the Amazon 1,870 miles away from the ocean. The Zambizi Shark, the Lake Nicaragua Shark, the River Whaler, and the Swan River whaler are all the same animal: the bull shark! There is even evidence that they’ve been found in Australian and (*GULP*) American rivers! But don’t worry, bull sharks don’t normally swim in American rivers . . . I don’t think.

The range of the Bull Shark (as you can see, it might include American rivers!)
Some of you might be thinking the hippo can easily kill the shark. But the bull shark has defenses. Like the hippo has thick skin, the shark has tough scales (yes shark have scales). Shark scales are different from scales of most fish. These scales on a shark are made up of little overlapping teeth-shaped objects. Which is why you should never drag your hand across a shark’s skin or else there will be blood in the water, and considering a shark is around, that’s not a good thing to have as we all know!
The bull shark has the highest testosterone level of any animal ever measured. It has also been blamed for more attacks on people than any other shark, yes including the Great White. Compared to Great White Sharks, bull sharks are much worse. But even still, bull sharks aren’t mean, evil, man-hungry animals, they’re just killing for food.

Very few fish are safe from the Bull Shark's jaws!
Now that we’ve learned a bit about each of today’s contestants (if you forgot your hippo facts, please go to the previous blog entry) it’s officially time to start the show! So let’s get started! Simply click on the video below to see which animal wins this face-off:

Wow! That was really cool. That big animal drove his teeth into the contestant, didn’t he?  What’d you think of the face-off? Please post your opinion as a comment! In a few weeks, we I will (Lord willing) be able to show the next face-off: Elephant vs. Rhino. That one should be exciting!

The other large stop-motion film series I’m working on is only just passed the scripting stages. I plan to show it sometime in early 2013. But for now, I’ve got a question to ask:

Will this weird-looking creature be in the up-coming stop-motion film series?
Thank you for stopping by today! Please tune in next week to check out a lot more cool facts, updates and other stuff. Bye for now!

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