Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Christmas Make-Over

Welcome back everyone! Boy time is flying, it’s already the 17th day in the “New” Year. As usual, let’s start with a few updates.

The casting call for the play I wrote called “The King on a Cross” is still scheduled for the 25th of this month. If are interested in either acting or helping with the behind-the-scenes stuff, please send an email to to receive need-to-know information.

Christmas came, and now it’s gone. And it’s coming back! You know what’s interesting? When you ask a lot of people what Christmas is all about, many people including non-Christians could say something like: “Jesus Christ is the reason for the season!” And this is very, very true, as Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. But that leads us to a very personal question: “What do we do for Jesus’ birthday?” (If it seems a little weird that I’m talking about Christmas 11 months before December, just hang tight, because you’ll see why in a minute) If we were honest, most of us would probably say that we’re either visiting family members and/or giving gifts. But what do we do for Jesus HIMSELF for His birthday?

Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, but if we were honest, many of us would say that we don’t really do much for Jesus on His birthday. Now technically, we don’t know the exact date Jesus was born on, but we celebrate it on December 25th. So why don’t we really do anything special for His birthday? Perhaps it’s because we’re too focused on ourselves and each other!

While the giving of gifts to each other is not bad in and of itself, we really should be focused on the One who’s birthday it is. This may seem weird to some, but let’s make this a little more applicable – say your birthday falls on May 1st, the same as celebrity Jamie Brinton. Now, let’s just say that instead of celebrating your birthday, you celebrate Jamie’s birthday and yet you hardly know the guy (and that’s saying something because a celebrity by the name of Jamie Brinton doesn’t exist, but you get the picture, right?)! That wouldn’t feel very good for you, would it? Well, this is sort of what we do with Jesus. We do stuff for each other, but not for the “Birthday Boy”.

The reason why I brought this up so early before Christmas, was so I could challenge everyone to do something different. For some people, making a change like the one I am about to suggest could take weeks, if not months to get mentally ready for it. This Christmas and the Christmases to follow, let’s use the day to actual put Jesus as the center of attention at His birthday! Instead of giving gifts on Christmas, give gifts on another day (so kids, be sure to tell Santa Claus nice and early so that he knows when to come by your house!). My family has decided to dedicate this day to the Lord. Now will you join us?

I also have another huge update today: I have started work on my latest stop-motion movie series: “Planet of the Dinosaurs”. Now there are going to be six episodes in this series. So as for the whole project, I’d say I’m about 9% finished. Doesn’t sound like a lot, huh? But as I said, that’s for the whole project. The first episode is about 50% or so along. What are the episodes I intend for this series? Well here they are:
  1. Out of Africa
  2. The Tropical Polar Regions
  3. Back to the Jurassic
  4. Asian Marvels
  5. The Life of a Tyrant Lizard King
  6. Death of the Dinosaurs

As you might have guessed, I’m working on the first episode right now. I’m hoping this series is going to be just as good, if not better, than my previous Animal Face-Off series. You might be asking what this series is all about? Well, I feel the introduction to the series sums it up pretty well. Here is the introduction I wrote for the series:

We are living in a golden age of dinosaur discoveries. Every year, from every corner of the globe, new fossil finds reveal a brand new species of dinosaur and brings quantum leaps in our knowledge of how and where these legendary monsters lived and died. From the Arctic to the great wetlands of Northern Africa and down to the South Pole, from the plains of South America to the forests ancient Asia, we will be exploring the different worlds of the dinosaurs. From the tallest giants, to the deadliest of killers, to the weird and wonderful, this series will examine some of the most amazing dino-discoveries of the past four decades, some of which have never been visualized before. This way, we can step back in time on a prehistoric safari . . .

As this introduction suggests, this series will be like a prehistoric safari. Each episode will focus on an environment in which the dinosaurs lived in thousands of years ago. Also in each episode, there is a story that is taking place featuring a wide cast of prehistoric critters, from 78-ton sauropods, to ferocious killer raptors and tyrannosaurs to 10-ton crocodiles that were large enough to take down dinosaurs! The stories in the series will also be partly inspired by real fossil finds. This series will have it all!

Some of you might be wondering what the inspiration is behind this series. Well, there along with my imagination and the latest fossil discoveries, I will also be getting inspiration from three dinosaur programs that have appeared in the past. I really enjoy these programs (minus the evolutionary dogma which my series will NOT have). The previews for each of the programs have been provided below so you can get a pretty good idea of what this series is about:

As I have said earlier, the series will probably be completely finished in the spring time (Lord-willing). But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be anything else to watch while you are waiting. In fact, as I am working on these upcoming stop-motion films, I plan to show clips from the series. So all in all, the series is coming along great so far! I can’t wait to release it!

Thank you all for stopping by today. Remember, all of what you might have just learned is a lot to grasp, so if you don’t understand something, feel free to send me a question to See you next week!

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