Thursday, June 20, 2013

Exploring the Ocean's Less Familiar Inhabitants pt. 3

Hi everyone! This week, I actually have quite a few updates for a change! As you'll recall if you've read the last couple of weeks' posts, I haven't had many updates. So let's get started!

The second episode of my Planet of the Dinosaurs stop-motion series I'm working on called, The Tropical Poles, is reaching the end of its long march to the finish line. I'm not sure I'll be able to finish it this month or not, but definitely (Lord-willing) early in July. I'd say it's about 65% finished. I'll post more updates on this episode as I work to complete it.

Finally, after much anticipation, the newest film from Pixar Animation Studios: Monsters University is coming into theaters tomorrow! I probably won't see it until it comes out on DVD (and I'll rent it before buying it), but still, it will be nice to finally know that Pixar has released it. I'd expect that this movie will be available on DVD by Christmas (that's normally the case for summer releases) and be available on Netflix by February of 2014. I can't wait to see how the movie turns out. Hopefully they didn't mess it up! Let's hope that this is a great family movie that we've been waiting to see for so long!

The theatrical poster for Monsters University, released tomorrow!
Here's the trailer for Monsters University:

What you can say for Monsters University is much, MUCH more than you can say for another upcoming release I've really been looking forward to called Jurassic Park IV. If you've been looking at my past posts, or have been following the news on this movie, you will recall that originally, JPIV is 1) going to take place on Isla Nublar, the island of the first movie, 2) going to feature a new terrifying dinosaur that will make you want to keep the lights on 3) will feature no feathered dinosaurs (hooray!) and 4) was supposed to be released on June 13th, 2014, but because the film's directors and writers got busy making “minor” edits to the script, the movie is now planned to be more epic than originally planned for and therefore, make the June 13th release date impossible. The latest bit of information on the movie is that a star of the first and third movies, Sam Neil, who plays Dr. Alan Grant believes the fourth movie to be a remake of the first one; it's just as likely however that, since he has not seen the new, revised script, that he could be wrong. This would also make sense considering the movie makers already declared this movie a sequel.
Well, ever since that last bit of news, we Jurassic Park fans have been waiting anxiously for more news on the film, but things at Universal Pictures (the company producing the movie) have been rather hush-hush for the past couple of weeks. So a fan tweeted to the film's director, Colin Trevorrow, on June 2, 2013 concerning the development of the movie and Trevorrow tweeted this response:
"No, [the movie is] very much alive. We're writing and designing [Jurassic Park IV]. More news coming soon."
It was also mentioned that they are in the process of writing and designing. Recently, a teaser banner for Jurassic Park IV has been made and was shown at Licensing Expo this year, best of all, the date shows 2015! It is unknown if this is the actual release date, but it's definitely a possibility. Let's hope we get more updates very soon!

Will Jurassic Park IV be released in 2015 as this teaser poster suggests? We're still eagerly awaiting confirmation from Universal Pictures
Our last update for today is on another dinosaur-flick. But unlike Jurassic Park IV, this movie is presumably already finished and simply waiting for release. The movie I'm speaking of, entitled Walking with Dinosaurs: the 3D Movie, is semi-based on the BBC 1999 series called Walking with Dinosaurs. I already mentioned it a little bit in my earlier posts, but not in great detail, so today, that's what I'm going to do! Thanks to two teaser trailers, we know that this movie stars a dinosaur known as Pachyrhinosaurus, a relative of Triceratops. Unlike the original Walking with Dinosaurs series, this new movie is not a documentary, but rather for entertainment purposes, though it is based on much fossil evidence. Also unlike Walking with Dinosaurs, which is like a traditional wildlife documentary, the new movie is featuring a voice-over of the hero dinosaur (I'm not sure if he has a name in the movie). Walking with Dinosaurs: the 3D Movie is to be released on December , 2013 and is being distributed by 20th Century Fox and is being produced by BBC Earth. For those of you who haven't seen the trailers of the film yet, here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Now to get to today's non-fiction article:

The Barreleyes fish looks like its frozen, but of course it's not. It has glowing eyes and lives in the depths of the sea. This creature lives where there is no light, only deep darkness. You can see straight through their head!!!!! They can even see you in the darkness, like cats do at night. The fish looks frozen but its not.

A Barreleye fish's head is transparent, as you can see from this photograph. This kind of barrelfish is called a Macropinna.
Barreleyes uses a big fin to keep itself almost motionless. The fish seems like its staring straight into nothing. In fact, the white circles that look like eyes are actually nostrils in disguises! The green orbs at the top of the body are its eyes, scanning waters for movement. What  a clever fish God has created! Well that's concludes our fish in the sea chapter for now! This is Joy Hammond and I'm looking forward for the next time we meet! 

Be sure to come back next week when we will learn more about nature and the world around us. See you later! 

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