Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Good, the Bad and the Dreamy

As we all know, Groundhog Day was just last Sunday and Punxsutawney Phil (determined) whether or not we'd be getting six more weeks of winter weather. So what was his prediction for 2014? Well, drum roll please . . .

Of course, this is only just something fun we look forward to every year; no animal, not even a groundhog, can tell when spring is coming up. Now let's get started with our usuals!

Days Till
It is: 6 days till Abraham Lincoln's Birthday
It is: 8 days till Valentine's Day.

In the Spotlight 
Last week, I mentioned that the creation/evolution debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham was taking place at the Creation Museum. If you weren't able to see it, here's the whole debate on YouTube:

Topic of the Week by Joy Hammond

Dreams are my favorite things to have since I am writer. Some dreams are better than others when that happens, I instantly right them down so I can use them later. What exactly is a dream? Did you know that you could control one? A dream is a bunch of images, emotions, ideas, and sensations wrapped up together to make a mini show or movie. Well that's how I would put it. Dreams have existed since the beginning of mankind. Dreams occur during s certain state of sleep and are mostly created while the mind is in motion and reviewing events that had happened that day or week ago. Dreams are also commonly used it prophecies, success, and sometimes used to put together Déjà vu. Three examples would be visions from God recordered in the Bible, Albert Einstein's famous E= MC2 formula, and sleepwalking.

Joseph saved Egypt from starving during a famine when God allowed him to understand the Pharaoh's warning via a dream.
Several dream/visions are mentioned throughout the Bible One famous account was Genesis 37. Joseph had dreams and could interpret them. Thought the dreams seem absurd at the time there was a message within them, such as the sheaves of grain gathered by the brothers bowing down to Joseph's sheaf or the sun, moon, and stars bowing down to him. Joseph's brothers got jealous of him and eventually Joseph ended up sold into slavery where he soon worked for one of Pharaoh's officials. Because of the officials disloyal wife, Joseph was soon enough thrown into the king's prison (Genesis 39). Eventually Joseph was released after interpret Pharaoh's disturbing dreams about a famine that would last seven years. (Genesis 40-41) Luckily, Egypt was prepared and had gathered up all the grain they could to survive the famine. Joseph became the second in command of all of Egypt. Because of the widespread famine, Joseph's brothers were sent to Egypt for some food. Joseph's dreams came true as his family bowed down to him. Joseph tested his brothers in few ways to see if they had changed (Genesis 42-44). After revealing his identity, Joseph's whole family moved to Egypt where they stayed...thus history went on leading to the Exodus with Moses as several years had past.
Albert Einstein, a a famous scientist, came up with his famous theory/ formula E=mc2 through a dream. He stated that he was hurtling down a mountainside. He sped, faster and faster and looked up at the sky and saw the stars change in appearance. He has reached the speed of light. As strange as that a dream sounds it makes total sense...well not everyone can be a genius and understand what that means but anyway dreams have often become great success.
Sleepwalking is another example of dreams. Dream walking can be very dangerous or funny depending on the situation. It's very dangerous to wake up a sleepwalker however it is possible to take a certain treatment or medication to help prevent it from happening again. As terrible as it seems, the person sleepwalking are mostly unaware of what their doing. People have been known for cooking, cleaning, or committing homicides while sleepwalking. 

Dreams are like little adventures we have while we sleep.
Dreams are a strange mysterious place that can be emotional and intense. However there are people who have been able to control their dreams and use them to their will. It is called Lucid dreaming, where the dreamer is aware that they are in fact in a dream. I am a lucid dreamer. As I dream I can decide where I go and what will happen next. To me, that is pretty cool. Nightmares are common for both young and old, however escaping it is easier than you think. For me, I'm aware of that fact that it is all just a dream. Most of my nightmares end up with someone trying to kill me. Before that happens, I manage to force myself to wake up by literally opening up my eyes. Sure my heart will still be pounding but at least I hadn't died.

Dream are full of mystery and wonder, both for terror and enjoyment. Dreams are visions, illusions, and creations. Every night you can get up to three or seven dreams although you rarely remember even just one. However if you want to remember one, write it down as best and fast as you can in a journal or something. Dreams are fleeting thoughts and it's hard to remember it vividly. So when you go to bed tonight remember that dreams, good or bad, are just as important as watching a movie or a tv show.
". . . dreams, good or bad, are just as important as watching a movie or TV show," Joy Hammond.

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