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Lizzy's Bookworm Collection

Hi everyone. Sorry this post is so late! I got really sick last week with some kind of stomach bug and I didn't feel like doing much of anything. However, I'll still be doing another post this Thursday. Before we get into the "usuals", I wanted to say that progress on our church's Easter production: "The King on a Cross" has been coming along wonderfully! We will be off scripts in two weeks, our prop, costume, cast (we have just about everyone we need now) and set-constructing crew are also hard at work to make sure this play pleases the Lord.

Days Till
It is: 17 days till springtime
It is: 41 days till Palm Sunday
It is: 46 days till the Friday night performance of "The King on a Cross"
It is: 48 days till Easter.

In the Spotlight
Last week, a ton of new information was revealed about the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel Jurassic World, set to come into theaters June 12, 2015 regarding casting! Filming is starting this April and the movie-makers have begun open casting in Hawaii. The casting directors have said that they are mostly looking for families with kids 6-17 years of age and military-looking people. The casting call drew hundreds of people who wanted to be extras in the film!

That's not all, we also have news about new main cast members to the film; Omar Sy and Vincent D'Onofrio are going to be in the film! We don't know what role Omar is playing, but it was recently revealed by The Wrap that Vincent will be playing the film's main villain and the CFO of Patel Corporation, an organization not known from a previous JP film. Actor Irrfan Khan has also been offered a main role in Jurassic World, but he is still waiting on actually accepting the part because JW will interfere with another film he's committed to called Tigmanshu Dhulia. If he does accept the role, Irrfan will not be one of the film's villains, despite what's been reported worldwide, but he will play Patel, who The Wrap reports will play the billionaire owner of the new Jurassic Park. If this is true, this could confirm the film's rumored plot involving a new theme park.

With all this good news . . . comes bad news: it appears that Jeff Goldblum, who portrayed Dr. Ian Malcolm in the first and second JP films, will probably not be returning, even for a cameo in JW. In an interview with The Huffingtom Post, he states the reason for this when asked about JW: ". . . they haven't called me for '4'" While this doesn't at all seem to rule out the possibility of a cameo appearance, it appears that the new film is going to be mainly working with new characters to its franchise. It's a bit of a bummer for me that Malcolm won't be in this movie, but hey, if Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard's characters can pull it off, we've got a great movie to look forward too!

To lighten you guys up, here's the final piece of Jurassic World news for the day: we finally appear to have a script leak!!! While the authenticity of the script leaks is in question, they do appear to be from the actual film (which makes since considering their doing casting calls now) and they also seem to provide evidence that the movie will center around a new theme park. Here are the scripts for you guys to read (Note: I am not responsible for any of what appears on these scripts!!!):

(Click to enlarge) Source:
(Click to enlarge) Source:

If you ask me, I think the dinosaur with the red-glowing eyes is the new dinosaur we've been hearing about for the past many months. What dinosaur could it be . . . who knows? Please be sure to take a look at the poll I have listed at the right-hand side of this page and voice your opinion!

Now it's time for . . .

Topic of the Week by Lizzy the Lizard from Smiley's News, as told to by Joy Hammond

Lizzy's Bookworm collection

Haha I'm joking, I don't collect worms that would be just . . . weird. However, I do enjoy a good book from time to time. Here is a list of six books or series that I enjoy reading. I'll give you a small summary of each.

1. Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene
Now I am not talking about the movie, I'm actually talking about the real book character. Nancy Drew, age eighteen, ends up stumbling upon several mysteries and cases as she continues with her daily life starting with the secret of the old clock to the thirteenth pearl and so on. With her boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, her two best friends George and Bess, her dad who is a lawyer and her housekeeper, Hannah Gruen, to help her find the right clues, Nancy ends up catching the villains by the end of the book!

2. Ranger's Apprentice by John Flanagan
This book series was recommended by a friend. It tells the adventure of Will, an orphaned boy, who is chosen to be trained as a Ranger in the king's service with his mentor, Halt, and his close friend, Horace, Will sets off on a journey of lifetime and must find the courage to stop the evil Morgarath from taking over the kingdom of Aruluen.

3. Gallagher Girl Academy by Ally Carter
From the first book I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you to the final book, united we spy, Cammie Morgan's life has been more than just average. By the age of three, she could crack the sapphire code and now she knows up to fourteen different languages. You guessed it: she's a spy. Actually, she's training to be one at the Gallagher academy for exceptional young women. Cammie just calls it "spy school". Like a nickname like Chameleon, Cammie and her friends set off several missions that all seem to connect to a very old and dangerous circle that seems to be after Cammie but no one knows why.

4. Redwall by Brian Jacques
Throughout the series, based on several different main characters, this book is full of adventure as well, with tricky foxes, venomous snakes, dangerous cats, and several other woodland animals. The small town of Redwall overcomes many dangerous with several prophecies, clues, and heroes to guide the way.

5. Matched by Ally Condie
A girl named Cassie finds herself in a perfect society. She is content and satisfied with this when a glitch appears on the scene. Cassie finds herself questioning her so-called perfect society that doesn't make mistakes. With friends like Ky and Xander and support from her family, Cassie searches for the truth and the freedom of choice.

6. The Giver by Lois Lowry
During the series, many years have passed and many places have changed. People live in separate villages living very different lives. Jonas lives in a village where memories of the past are passed down only to the Receiver and everyone lives by the rules and doesn't question it. Jonas has the gift of seeing beyond, thus he learns that there's more than meets the eye and that things such as color are important. Kira is a girl with a bone defect but her special gift of dye has let her live. She soon discovers that in her village, people who have gifts are taken and their gifts used by others whether the artist wants it to happen or not. They have no choice, their talents are used how the leaders want and need. Matty, happens to have the gift of healing, however when the forest starts attacking people only Matty can navigate through it and end the forest's rage. Three kids, three villages, three different lives.

Well I hope you all think these books are interesting. To get better details and all just look them up on the internet. Well until next time, this is Lizzy signing off!

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