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Primeval Season 2 -- Part 1: Summary

Sorry that I'm late again guys! The last couple of weeks have been extremely busy for me! But this article is finally ready for your viewing pleasure. I was looking through the blog articles I've written and realized that there was an entire 3-part series I'd wanted to do last year that never got done, so you'll be able to read it today
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Last week, we didn't just get some photograph-related updates on the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel, Jurassic World (which I covered in my last blog post), but finally some video-related updates that appeared on the Today Show! No dinosaurs from Jurassic World were seen, and not many spoilers are revealed, but it nonetheless makes me very stoked about the new movie that's in the making! Check out the videos below:

I was really excited to see a lot of the sets from the movie and can't wait for Jurassic World to "open its doors to the public" on June 12, 2015!

Another Jurassic World update: filming is now taking place in the abandoned Six Flags amusement park in Louisiana.

Topic of the Week by Christian Ryan
Last year, I wrote a three part summary of the first season of Primeval – I talked about each of the main characters, episodes and the creatures that make an appearance. Well, that's not where the story ends, so let's take this time to delve into my review of Primeval Season 2! Like last time, it's going to be made up of three parts – basic overview, characters, and last but not least, the creatures themselves. Let's get started! (By the way, you might want to read my other articles about Season 1 or you might get very confused! Here's the link to Part 1, Part2, and Part 3).
Here is a photo from Primeval Season 2 consisting of (left to right): Connor Temple, Abby Maitland, Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart
Season 2 of Primeval takes place right after the cliffhanger at the end of Season 1 when Prof. Nick Cutter, a paleozoologist at Central Metropolitan University, exits the Permian-habitat anomaly I mentioned in Episode 1.6 and comes to the shocking realization that the woman he loved, Home Office  official Claudia Brown, has disappeared from history as if she were never born and no one knows who she is; he believes something they did in the past  has changed the present. When he tries to go back through the anomaly to past, Stephen Hart, another team member (the other main team members being Abby Maitland, Connor Temple and James Lester), stops him and the anomaly closes. Nick is now forced with having to cope with this change. Though he soon finds out that that's not the only change that's taken place in this “alternate time-line”: Nick's team was transferred to a brand new building known as the ARC (Anomaly Research Center), which is devoted to further studying the anomalies, hence its name.
I couldn't help but notice how the ARC is shaped sort of like the actual proportions of Noah's Ark
Nick also finds it shocking that no one else is aware of the change except his ex-wife, Helen Cutter. Nick soon finds out that. Upon arriving to the ARC though, things are not as they seem at first; as the series presses on, it seems as if someone on the team is a traitor and Nick and the others are determined to find out who the traitor is and why he/she is so interested in the anomalies in the first place.

In Episode 2.1, it is revealed that because of Claudia Brown's absence, her position as Lester's assistant is instead the responsibility of Oliver Leek, a man Nick never even knew before the whole incident. But just when Nick starts adjusting to the changes at the end of Episode 2.1, James Lester introduces everyone to the newly hired Public Relations manager, Jennifer “Jenny” Lewis. Nick's astounded to find that she's practically identical to Claudia Brown and this only confuses things more as the series plays out for its second season.

My only main objections I must mention in Season 2 are almost exactly the same as Season 1 (see Season 1 for details), but otherwise, I not only LOVED this series, but also found it filled with much more action, more creatures and an even deeper plot than Season 1 that makes you want to continue watching episode after episode. The episode summaries given below are filled with the least amount of spoilers as possible, but there are a few (I will indicate when they're about to appear). If you want to watch the series completely oblivious to any I might mention, please skip. Without further ado, here is a basic summary of each episode in Primeval Season 2:

Episode 2.1:
Connor and Abby face off with dangerous Cretaceous raptors in Episode 2.1.
Right after Nick's bone-shaking revelation that Claudia Brown's disappearance from history is one of the many changes (including the appearance of Oliver Leek) that have taken place in the alternate time-line, he goes with the rest of the team back to the ARC until another anomaly is reported . . . and reported it is! In a local shopping mall, two security guards mysteriously disappeared, killed by some unknown assassin (don't worry, we don't see any of the squeamish bits). So Nick Cutter, along with team members Stephen Hart, Connor Temple and Abby Maitland go to the mall to track down the killer and the anomaly that let them escape into the mall. The culprit? How about a trio of ferocious Cretaceous Raptors on the loose? While Nick and Stephen attempt to locate the anomaly, Connor and Abby are assigned the duty of escorting a mall cleaner out of the mall. But after getting attacked by a baby raptor, the cleaner mysteriously vanishes. Soon though, Nick and Connor make an amazing discovery they can use radio signals to know exactly when a new anomaly opens, just like finding a pirate radio station! Also in this episode, the ARC team is introduced to the ARC's new PR officer, Jenny Lewis, whom Nick is convinced is actually a doppelganger of Claudia Brown.

Episode 2.2:
The Fog Worm of Episode 2.2 can only breathe in a special type of fog from its home period.
A normal day in an office building . . . but nothing is “normal” in Primeval! Soon, a strange, eerie, wreaking fog exits an anomaly that has appeared in the office building, followed by droves of strange creatures. Nick and the team (who are joined for the first time by the feisty Jenny Lewis) goes to the office building to deal with the strange creatures and soon learn that the creatures they're dealing with are giant carnivorous worms that won't hesitate (and do) take down humans. The team learns that the worms can't breathe outside the fog and so must find a way to open the building's windows so it will release the fog. But the windows are all automatically temperature controlled and the only place to turn up the heat of the building is on the 15th floor, where the fog is very thick and very “wormy”. So guess where they're going next! During this episode, Nick attempts to convince Jenny that she really is Claudia Brown and at a local video store, Connor meets the attractive Caroline Steel and they become acquainted, Connor believing she actually “like-likes” him. Also, Helen meets up with Stephen again, who himself is doubting whether the ARC's method of dealing with the anomalies is the best way. It's anyone's guess what Helen's up to this time . . .

Episode 2.3:
Nick Cutter and the rest of the ARC team are about to find out how dangerous a saber-toothed cat on the loose can be . . .
Connor successfully is able to create an anomaly detector that he believes has the ability to give the precise locations of anomalies as soon as they appear. That way, they'll be able to hopefully reach them before animals from the past and future wreak havoc on the present (their only way of knowing about anomaly appearances before was either sightings of the creatures or when people were mysteriously attacked or both!). However, Connor's invention isn't as widely received as he hoped because a creature attack is reported without the detector giving them any clue of a new anomaly. The team leaves the ARC to go to the attack site at Blue Sky Park and after much investigation, they learn that the creature, whatever it was, came through an anomaly before the detector went online, rendering Connor's device “off the hook” as he says. The killer turns out to be a ferocious saber-toothed cat that roams around the park looking for its next meal. Worst of all, someone seems to be covering up for the creature's attacks, as Nick's about to learn the hard way . . .

Episode 2.4:
Strange aquatic primates are the main danger to the group in Episode 2.4.
Connor's anomaly detector alerts the ARC team to an anomaly in the Thames River, but the anomaly disappears before they can get an appropriate reading and a teenage boy disappears. So the team dispatches to find the culprit and soon find, not the culprit, but what age the creature comes from thanks to a shark that almost attacked Jenny before Nick rescued her and Stephen gunned the predator which is revealed to be a species of shark, down. Upon bringing it back to the ARC, Nick believes the shark to be futuristic (see this article concerning my view on Primeval's futuristic creatures) – once again they're dealing with predators from the future. After a bit of a disagreement on where to find the creature's lair, the group splits up and Abby is captured by the aquatic monster and is brought back through the anomaly. Soon, the team is trying to track Abby down and Nick becomes suspicious after (SPOILER ALERT!!!) spying the same cleaner they saw in the shopping mall dressed as one of Lester's soldiers.

Episode 2.5:
Troops of Silurian scorpions are going to make getting home interesting to Nick and Stephen in Episode 2.5!
Connor begins to feel that his relationship with Caroline isn't working out, so he “dumps her” in his own words, by text. Meanwhile, a young girl and her dog become trapped on the other side of a Silurian-habitat anomaly, so Nick and Stephen mount a mission to rescue her. However, it becomes clear to both Stephen, who (SPOILER ALERT!!!) believes Lester is their traitor (END OF SPOILER ALERT!!!), and Nick that someone on the team is in fact trying to sabotage their work. While trying to rescue the girl, the anomaly closes leaving the three of them trapped. Worst of all, this habitat is lacking its predators – troops of giant Silurian Scorpions haunt the land and can track down potential prey by listening for their vibrations underneath the sand. Any hope of getting home safely is in question. Lester for one isn't happy about them being trapped in the Silurian because this leaves, in his own words, “Daphne (Abby) and Scruffy (Connor) in charge of the anomaly operation.” At the end of the episode, Connor (who is still staying at Abby's apartment) and Abby return to her apartment to find it a mess and Rex, her pet Coelurosauravus from Season 1, missing . . .

Episode 2.6:
A Colombian mammoth causes "mammoth" chaos (pun intended) on M25 in Episode 2.6.
The busy M25 isn't a great place for an anomaly to open and release a giant Pleistocene mammal, but that's what happens and a Colombian mammoth, ironically one of the largest elephants ever to exist, wreaks havoc, crashing cars and lorries in its rampage. Nick and the team go out to stop the mighty mammoth and prevent people from knowing about the anomalies (Jenny's really got her work cut out for her! It's just a good thing Colombian mammoths look sort of like elephants . . . sort of). Meanwhile, Stephen learns that Helen has returned to him with plans of her own, when she suggests to him that (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Lester is in fact their traitor. But when Nick, Abby, Connor, Jenny and Lester's soldiers go off on another mission due to the anomaly detector's alert, it is revealed Lester's not the culprit when a mind-controlled Future is let loose in the ARC by Leek and almost kills him. The Future Predator is being controlled by neural clamp on his head, and Nick doesn't think Leek has the intelligence to pull it off . . . suggesting someone else could be involved other than Leek . . . (END OF SPOILER ALERT!!!)

Episode 2.7: (This whole summary is SPOILER!!!)
Dangerous mind-controlled Future Predators are at risk of getting loose in Episode 2.7 if Nick and the others can't stop them!
Nick, Jenny, Connor, Abby and Caroline walked into the trap Leek set in Episode 2.6 they become kidnapped. Nick and the others soon learn that Leek AND Helen have been hoarding an army of animals from the past and deadly Future Predators . . . but for two different reasons; Leek intends to use the creatures to make him the most powerful man on the planet, while Helen's nefarious scheme is to experiment the effects of changing the future by letting the animals they've collected loose in the present. Can Nick and the others stop Leek and Helen from letting the animals wreak havoc on the present, or is the planet's destiny in the hands of slimy and uncaring Leek?

I hope you've enjoyed this brief summary of Primeval Season 2. See you next time for Joy's article and, in two weeks, the next part of my Primeval Season 2 review!

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