Friday, June 12, 2015

Rerun Article: Lighting Up Fireflies

Well, I just went to go see Jurassic Worldlast night (some areas it came out on the 11th, while others it is being released today). Eight years of my life I've been patiently waiting for this film, and I was finally in the theater watching it! The movie was awesome! Expect a fuller three-part overview starting next week that's similar to my overview of the Primeval series I do on occasion. For now,

Days till:
It is: The Park Was Opened Yesterday!
It is: 7 days till Inside Out's theatrical release
It is: 16 days till Father's Day

Topic of the Week by Joy Hammond
I love it when I'm outside at night and the fireflies start coming out. I always try to catch a few of them and then watched as they flew away, off my hand. Fireflies are so much fun and just beautiful in the dark. They light up the night and are enjoyed by pretty much everyone.

This is a Japanese Firefly showing off its glowing tail.
Fireflies also known as lightening bugs light up because of a chemical reaction called bioluminescence. As a larvae however, the light is used to mostly warn enemies. Some people believe that the light is also used during mating season. Female fireflies tend to use the light for attracting males. However there are some fireflies that don't glow. Those lightening bugs have large antennas and small eyes.

The top photo was taken with the flash on, and the bottom picture was taken with it off to show the firefly's glow.
Night time is full of life but either we're too busy or already asleep to see it happen. There is practically a whole new world outside when the sun goes down and the moon and stars come up. You will see raccoons and owls, fireflies and Mosquitos, but most importantly, you will always see light at night and in the daytime. How much have you taken light and electricity for granted?

This is a beautiful picture of fireflies shining away in a pine forest.

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