Thursday, September 13, 2012

Animal Face-Off: Lion vs. Tiger!

Hello everybody, thanks for stopping by today. Now I’ve got some good news and some bad news. Bad news first: we lost our “Zoey” for the Christmas play I wrote, “A Big Misunderstanding.” But even though this is pretty bad, there is something good to come out of this. Now a part has opened up. So that means we still need the parts of Kate, Mira AND Zoey, along with the 12 other NON-SPEAKING ROLES. So if you like acting and are close enough to take part in this production, please contact me as for locations, times and other need-to-know stuff.

Now, I know how you have been waiting anxiously for the good news, here it is: “Animal Face-Off: Lion vs. Tiger” is here for you to view today! This is the third stop-motion movie (or short film) I’ve made, the first one being “Dinosaurs – The Mission.” I didn’t put that one on my blog because it isn’t really that good. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the contrary. But my second one, “Jurassic Park: The Game: Triceratops Trouble” is on this blog for viewing. But enough about stuff I’ve already done, let’s talk about this film. Later, if you want to view it on Youtube, it is on my Youtube channel: ANIMALADVENTURES CHANNEL, where you can see it and the other films I have on the channel (if you choose to watch the whole channel, please check out to learn some facts from a creation world-view). So, after all these many weeks of waiting, let’s see which jungle cat, the lion or tiger, will win in a virtual face-off right now. Be sure to . . . what? Oh, Ok, I won’t keep you any longer; let’s see the outcome of the fight:

Well now, that was interesting. That cat really nailed the other one down didn’t it? As it said in the video, please be sure to check the next stop-motion film: “Animal Face-Off: Hippo vs. Bull Shark.” I will probably start production on that film a few weeks from now (perhaps it will be finished sometime in October). Also please tell me how you liked the film you just watched by posting a comment or emailing me the feedback.

As for what else is going on around here, well, not much. With the play on standstill we can’t really do much with it until we get some more actors. My next book, the dinosaur one, is also on standstill. My editors have yet to read it because of their busy schedule. But once they read it, Lord-willing, I will be able to publish it. I hope to publish it by the winter of 2014. I’m not saying it will necessarily take that long to publish, but that’s my deadline and Lord willing, it will get finished before that time.

After the Animal Face-Off series, I have some great stop-motion films planned. By that time, I will hopefully be finished with these “practice films” so I can move onto the big stuff. I am working on an episodic mini-series that I hope to “produce” after the Animal Face-Off series. I don’t want to give away too many details yet (that spoils the surprise) but I will say that it’s going to be a great work once finished.

So that’s all the new stuff happening around here. Be sure to check back next week for more cool stuff. See you next time!

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