Thursday, July 4, 2013

Nut-Craving Squirrels

Welcome back to my website everyone. I only have update for today, so we'll go through that before moving on to my other writer -- Joy's -- latest article.

The second episode of my upcoming stop-motion series (Planet of the Dinosaurs) called The Tropical Poles, is about 80% complete. I am pretty sure that (Lord-willing) it will be finished and ready for viewing by the 11th of this month. So I'll keep you posted.

Now, my friends, it is time for Joy's non-fiction article. Let's read:

Squirrel! The word most frequently said in one of Disney's movies, Up! There was also a showing of evil flying squirrels riding in little airplanes to catch Dorothy, aka Candace Flynn, in an episode of Phineas and Ferb. These fury creatures have been frequently known as the animals that can't make up their mind when crossing the road (maybe they should have a crossing guard with them, like a chicken). You see these creatures dead and squashed on roads, quite frequently. Their fluffy tails are almost to irresistible to touch. Our guest star today is (yes, you've guessed it right) the squirrel!

This cute little guy is an Eastern Grey Squirrel.
The "normal" squirrels (the ones you see in your backyard) can be as long as 10-73 cm! They have thumbs and sturdy claws to climb trees. They have large eyes which means they have really great sight. One fact about the urban squirrels is that they hardly ever live to their first birthday, but fortunate squirrels (such as the ever popular grey squirrel) has a life span of six years! This is mostly because of the high probability of being hit and killed by an automobile.

This grey squirrel may be relaxing, but I think we all know what's on his mind: nuts!
Just like us, they are consumers and rely on the plants to provide food for them. You've seen the squirrels gather food, mostly nuts, in the fall and then see them in the spring awake from hibernation. You probably have no idea of their struggles in the spring when they wake up, struggles to survive during starvation. As many of you know, plants come from seed that are buried in the ground. Most seeds start to grow in the spring and become inedible for the squirrels.

Eurasian red squirrels differ from both American grey squirrels and American red squirrels, due to the tufts on their ears. All three species can be red, brown, black or even albino!
The squirrels have known to change their eating habitats. Squirrels' have been known to eat nuts, seeds, conifer cones, fruits, fungi, and other green vegetation. In order to survive from starvation, squirrels have taken drastic measure. Some have taken up the liberty to eat meat, such as insects,  eggs, small birds, young snakes and smaller rodents. I some tropical species have changed almost entirely to a diet of insects! 

This American red squirrel looks as if he's bitten off more than he can chew, but his sharp teeth can gobble up this peanut in no time at all!
Yes just like humans, squirrels will risk their lives to survive. Just think about it, has it ever occurred to you that's all of God's nature has a way of taking care of itself without us, humans, telling them what to do and how. Do you ever think about how awesome nature is if you look around and ask yourself, how did this all happen? How or who made the plants able to take in our carbon dioxide (or not needed gas) and recycle into their excess gas called oxygen for us to breath? How did this planet come to meet all our needs? Who created this beautiful place we call home?

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Normally, this is where I'd end this week's post. But this Thursday is different. Why? Well, it's the Fourth of July of course! Today is the 4th of July, aka, Independence Day. We remember this glorious day because this was the day when America adopted the ever popular Declaration of Independence.

Miami celebrates the Fourth of July, BIG time! Just look at those fireworks!
So let us all take a moment and remember this day and all that it stands for. Spend some time with your family and friends, thanking God that we have this nice, free country to live in. We can not only worship God freely, but we can freely express our opinions (for the most part), attend church, vote and other things we do that many can't do in other countries. What an amazing country we live in!

So today, I've decided to put a video on here of the National Anthem: "The Star-Spangled Banner". It is said that the writer of this song was inspired to write it when he saw our flag, the American Flag, still standing tall and strong! Here's a rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" sung by the 14-year old actress (famous for the movie Dolphin Tale), Cozi Zuehlsdorff:


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