Friday, October 11, 2013

The Sound of Nature

Once again, autumn is upon us! It recently occurred to me that this blog has been up and running for over a year! So praise the Lord for that! The time sure has flown. Since it's now October, that means the holiday season is swiftly approaching! Soon, Harvest Day (Halloween), Thanksgiving and Christmas will soon be upon us. As this time comes near, I'd like to make this website have a type of homey feeling to it, so over the next couple months, I'm going to publish articles similar to the ones we've done when I first started this website. I encourage you to look back at some previous articles I've written and check them out . . . after reading today's of course! Let's start with updates.

Since October is here, we can finally start our HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN!!! Here's the line up for the major holidays coming up:
Harvest Day: 28 days away
Thanksgiving: 59 days away
Christmas: 82 days away
I can't wait for these days to come!

Our last update for a certain movie known as Jurassic World was about the recent pseudo-trailer for the movie which reallyturned out to not really be for the new version of the movie after all. This week folks, we finally have some really cool news: our first cast member for the film has just been announced! A rumor floating around is that the actress Bryce Dallas Howard, is going to be portraying a lead role in Jurassic World. Last week, this was just confirmed! We don't know the name of the character she'll be portraying, but if she can run from terrifying dinosaurs as well as she looks, we'll be rooting not only for the dinosaurs, but the film's characters as well.

Bryce Dallas Howard is going to appear in Jurassic World!!!
Without further ado, Joy's nonfiction article for this week:

The Sound of Music . . . and I'm not talking about the movie! There is so much of this world that has been discovered from the tiniest particles to the tallest mountains. Name three or four things that are invisible but you that their there through your other senses. I bet you wouldn't have named this: infrasound. Now your probably wondering what in the world is infrasound. Well, infrasound is a sound frequency below 20 hertz. Which means it's a sound that can be seen and is barely heard with the human ear. However, your body can feel it and may react to it, such as getting dizzy, nausea, or have headaches. Do you want a type of example of an infrasound?

This is an infrasound recording.
Believe it or not, nature really does have a song of its own, you just can't hear it . . . unless you have some type of high-tech machine. Sound is powerful just like it's told in class, let your voice be heard. Tiger and lion roars have been known to temporally stun their prey. Scientists can predict tornadoes several minutes before it touches down because of its infrasound. Sometimes you have this feeling of a sense of dread before a thunderstorm occurs or and avelanche. With this knowledge, people maybe able to save lives in the future by detecting infrasound waves of occurring disasters.

We all know that the mighty roar of a tiger means it's time to start running the opposite direction!
Humpback whales can call each other from 100 miles away; talk about international cellphone coverage! The Sumatran rhinoceros carry on a constant infrasonic “song” when they were originally thought to be quiet and solitary. Unfortunately, these sounds rarely be heard with the human ear. It just shows that nature really does have a song of its own. Did you know that on February 15, 2013, the Chelyabinsk meteor exploded over southern Russia and that its sound waves circled around the world several times and lasted more than a day! It was the loudest sound ever recorded, unfortunately it was an infrasound so we couldn't hear it, but maybe we had some type of response to it? Although we can't hear it, our mind can sense it. This goes to show that sound is everywhere, perhaps if you stop and listen, you may be able to hear the sounds of nature and its song. 
Here's the sound spectrum of a humpback whale.
Did you find this article appealing to your ears? Please express your opinions in comments! See you next week when we'll learn about mysteries of the deep, deep, deep, deep, deep . . . (a lot more "deeps") ocean!

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