Friday, August 29, 2014

What DOES The Fox Say?

Howdy everyone! This week, I've got some terrible news to share about an actor from one of my favorite movies of all time (just wanted to give you warning). But Joy's latest article should quickly cheer you up. So let's get started.

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It is: 2 days till Labor Day
It is: 14 days till Patriot Day
It is: 15 days till Dolphin Tale 2's theatrical release!

In the Spotlight:
OK, here is a piece of really sad news: Richard Attenborough, the man who portrayed John P. Hammond in Jurassic Park and its sequel, The Lost World passed away on August 24, 2014 at the age of 90.

Richard Attenborough passed away on August 24, 2014.
John Hammond was one of my favorite characters from the JP franchise, so it's really sad to see him go. You can read more about his death here. I will miss him dearly. I'm not sure what this means for Jurassic World, the fourth Jurassic Park film. Even when he was alive, it would have been extremely unlikely that he would be in the movie due to health and mental issues. However, I am hoping that in the movie franchise, Hammond lives on, though we probably wouldn't see him onscreen (I don't think any other actor could portray Hammond better than Attenborough). Granted, I won't hate Jurassic World if he is dead in the franchise. Still, this is very sad news for me and all other Jurassic Park fans. Rest in peace, Richard Attenborough.

Topic of the Week by Joy Hammond
We've all heard the song . . . but what does the fox really say?
The red fox has made it onto the big screen, sort of. A song written by Ylvis has gotten the attention of curious fans (if you haven't seen the video, you can watch it below). What does the fox say? Before that can be answered, learning about the red fox would be a great idea. The red fox is found around the world; the northern hemisphere to the Arctic circle, Central America, and Asia. The fox comes from the group, Vulpes and has Eurasian origin. They have a thin body and short legs. Their fluffy tail is half the size of their body. The red fox can jump over a six feet-seven inch high fence and they are also good swimmers. The females also have smaller skulls the males.

The red foxes are omnivores. They eat many things but mostly rodents; voles, mice, ground squirrels, hamsters, gerbils, woodchucks, pocket gophers, and deer mice. They also eat birds, porcupines, reptiles, and other insects, along with berries. The foxes compete with other fox species, such as the grey foxes. They also have many predators, like wolves and eagles. Most mythology states that the foxes are cunning and deceitful. They never got caught and they steal things.

Isn't this fox's coat a beautiful color?
Drum roll, please! Now it's time for the big question. What does the fox say? Foxes actually have a huge range of sounds: adults have up to 12 different arrangements and the kids or kits actually, have 8. There are contact calls and and interaction calls. Contact calls consist of 3-5 barking sounds, like wow-wow-wow, when two foxes meet. Interaction calls sound like a submissive animal whin. When they're aggressive it sounds something like, 'gekkering.' One call that isn't in this category is a funny sound like a 'Waaaaaah!” The red fox is an incredible species. If you ever spot one, just call it to it like WAAAAAAHHHHHH! Nah, don't do that . . . it's not a great idea. Well, so long for now!

Now we finally know what the fox says! An ancient mystery answered!
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