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MAJOR Jurassic World Updates!

OK, so I have had a busy couple of weeks! The drama, The Cheatham's: Howey's Wedding Celebration went wonderfully and my novel for the National Novel Writing Month contest has reached some 47,500 words or so! (I need 50,000 words to win) As if this wasn't busy enough, my family and I are already going over the next two dramas we intend to do at our church. Phew! November was a very busy month to say the least! In that case, instead of doing an article like I normally do (which would have taken away from my novel writing), I will be talking briefly about an upcoming movie I am really excited about (of course, you will know what it is based on this blog post's title).

So in case you haven't heard the news, after weeks of silence concerning all things Jurassic World, we got dunked with LOADS of new information this past week! So I have decided to talk about what is new with JW today, after...

Days till:
It is: 6 days till Thanksgiving
It is: 34 days till Christmas
It is: 41 days till New Years Day
It is: 6 days till Jurassic World trailer is released!

In the Spotlight:
Normally, this is where I would talk about movies like Jurassic World, but talking about it here would be redundant, as it is the focus of today's post. Instead, I will post this newly released image of the other postponed dinosaur movie set to be released in 2015, The Good Dinosaur.

The Good Dinosaur is set in an alternate universe in which dinosaurs never went extinct.
As many of you might recall, this film was supposed to be released this year. For a while, the reason for its release date being pushed back was unknown, but we now know that it was because the original director of the film, Bob Peterson, was not moving the project along fast enough and was relieved of his duties (not fired!). (This article goes into more detail on why the film's release date was postponed).

The film's plot is still generally the same, but it differs from the film's original concept of the dinosaurs living in an Amish-like community of farmers. The Good Dinosaur will release November 25, 2015.

Topic of the Week Christian Ryan
First off, I am astounded by the amount updates regarding Jurassic World were released this week! To start off, some of you might already know that some pictures were leaked onto the internet that are being claimed to be from the upcoming Jurassic World lego set due to come out with the movie. Below are the leaked images:

A dinosaur never-before-seen in the Jurassic Park franchise; many fans have speculated that this is the fabled Diabolus rex.

Lego has a T. rex

There are also several variations of Velociraptor due to be released from Lego. Some fans believe that the color variation is due to gender and whether the raptors are wild or in captivity. I think they are simply awesome!!!

Clever girls...
Here is the final Lego dinosaur leak. It seems to be a Compsognathus or a Coelophysis. As compies have appeared in the JP series before, I am going to suggest this is a compy:

Now nothing has been confirmed yet, but it does appear that these are legitimate. If so, they could be our window into what some of JW's dinosaurs will look like.

If you think the Lego dinosaur leak was big, well, just check this out: the Jurassic World viral site, MasraniGlobal, and the official website, have been launched!!! As if this were not enough, the first official trailer will be released November 27, 2014 and you can know exactly what time this will take place thanks to the countdown on the latter website! I will now take some time to talk a little bit about the Masrani website.

You might recall that Masrani Corporation is the company that owns Jurassic World, the new theme park on Isla Nublar and bought out InGen (the company that owned JP), in the upcoming film. We didn't really know much else about the company. But thanks to the new MasraniGlobal website, we can almost-literally delve into the world of the company and its divisions, including Jurassic World itself! Not to mention all the amazing and very teasing pictures on the website. I encourage you to check out both the Masrani and Jurassic World websites, but I will also post a little information (and several pictures) here.

Simon Masrani, portrayed by Irrfan Khan, owns Masrani Corporation.
The Masrani website reveals that soon after the events of the third Jurassic Park movie, in 2002 to be precise, a new theme park called Jurassic World is being constructed on Isla Nublar. In 2005, the park opens. It is claimed to be one of the most amazing theme parks in the world, complete with technology that they spared no expense on, rides and of course, dinosaurs. Here are more pictures below:

Dr. Henry Wu is the head geneticist at JW.

Dinosaur eggs are genetically engineered like they are in the first movie, but without the use of frog DNA.

The skeleton of a spinosaurid (Spinosaurus or Suchomimus) stands tall at Jurassic World.
Jurassic World will be released on June 12, 2015. Meanwhile the trailer will be released in just six days!!! Be sure to check out the Jurassic World website for not only the trailer, but also probably some really cool interactive features! I know I will!

DisclaimerMany (or in some cases all) of the photographs and images above are not mine. If you own one or more of them and would like them to be removed, politely let me know via one or both of the email addresses above.

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