Monday, November 16, 2015

Rerun Article: The First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us, so I have prepared a nice little rerun article on the topic, in addition to some really cool media news.

Days till:
It is: 10 days till Thanksgiving
It is: 9 days till The Good Dinosaur's release
It is: 39 days till Christmas
It is: 46 days till 2016

In the Spotlight:
So I was on YouTube late one night and clicked on a video. Then this ad came up. Usually I hate ads, especially long ones. But this one was different. I saw the Pixar logo and thought "Oh, it must be another add for The Good Dinosaur". But then I saw a very familiar-looking anemone, and then a very familiar blue tang fish, and then an extremely familiar pair of clownfish! A trailer for the Blu-ray release of Finding Nemo? Nope! That came out ages ago! Yes, you guessed it: Finding Dory! Check it out below:

So excited! I have got to see this when it comes out. This movie has been in the works for years, so it's nice to see that Pixar is finally giving us a sequel to a movie we all loved as children (and still love even though we're definitely not children).

After being astounded by the Finding Dory trailer, I thought, "I wonder what other movie trailers are out now." So I looked up Ice Age: Collision Course and BOOM! A short! See it below:

Scrat causes the most amount of trouble, doesn't he? That just goes to show you that materialism doesn't only have bad consequences for you, but also those around you. Especially if you are a small, furry, nut-crazed saber-toothed squirrel living during the Ice Age.

By the way, speaking of Ice Age movies, did you know that Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel, did not used to be a real animal? The first Ice Age film completely made up this creature. But in 2011, scientists announced finding a creature that looks almost exactly like Scrat, called Cronopio. Read more about that here: Cronopio.

Topic of the Week by Christian Ryan
Hey readers! The first thanksgiving may be a surprise to you! You've already imagined the feast with corn and turkeys because that's what really happened, right? Not! For starters, when the pilgrims invited the Indians . . . oops! My bad! The pilgrims didn't exactly invite Indians. This is a common misunderstanding made by many. In fact, Indians lived many thousands of miles away in Asia. The correct term for the "Indians" the pilgrims invited to the feast is actually Native Americans. Did you know that turkey may have not been served at the first Thanksgiving; corn on the cob and pumpkin pie weren't included on their menu either! The only foods we know were present at the First Thanksgiving were wildfowl (not specifically turkey; it is more likely they ate goose or duck), corn in the form of bread or porridge, various kinds of seafood and deer. We also know they didn't eat with forks. Why? Because forks weren't even invented yet! What other myths have we learned about Thanksgiving that are just plain incorrect? Read on to find out!

This is how the First Thanksgiving is normally depicted, but the real one was anything but! Continue reading to learn what the real First Thanksgiving was like!
Get this, the pilgrims did not even have a Thanksgiving feast the next year. The next Thanksgiving celebration was a hundred years later. It was to celebrate their victory of the Native Americans. Imagine that! They could very well have been celebrating over the feat of the very Native Americans who had attended their feast the first time! Thanksgiving is not all that we thought it was.

Turkey - a staple Thanksgiving delight - probably wasn't served at the First Thanksgiving! Neither were potatoes, pie, pears or cranberries . . . go figure!
However, after many years, it has changed into the perfect holiday for this time of year. A time where both family, friends - and even enemies - find time to gather together and remember all the things they are thankful for. This holiday is now a time of sharing and gratefulness; greed barely takes place here. So, what are you thankful for?
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