Sunday, July 29, 2012

What came First: The Ape or the Man?

Welcome back to my blog. I have decided to do something a little bit different and very exciting today. We are going to do something like a pop-quiz/poll. Here's how it's going to work: I'm going to ask a few questions and you can put the answer you believe is the right one in a comment. Then next week I will give you the answer. Alright? Hello? Oh, sorry, I forgot that you can't answer like that because this thing isn't live. (That was meant to be a joke, you can laugh) So here are the questions of the week:
  1. True or False: Dinosaurs went on Noah's Ark. If true, how did Noah get the mighty beasts on?
  2. True or False: Dinosaur fossils formed millions of years ago
  3. What came first: The man or the ape?
  4. True or False: Science (including dinosaurs) and the Bible just don't mix
So next week I will reveal the answers to you.

A lot of stuff has been going on at Vassar Road Baptist Church. The "Family Fun Day" event that is to be held on August 4th, 2012 from 10 to 2 pm is coming along great. All the cool games, music and puppet shows are coming into order. My family and I will also be singing some songs for the event. We might even be able to have live music! That's cool! Best of all, this totally FREE event is going to be held either rain or shine. So prayerfully we'll have clear skies that Saturday.

The casting call for the Christmas play entitled "A Big Misunderstanding" is also still scheduled.

People often ask themselves why they are here on the earth. While there is lots of speculation about that, one   theory scientists have come up with really seems rather . . . "out of this world". Many evolutionary scientists believe we were placed here by higher intelligence in the form of . . . space aliens! Now that is just plain hogwash. Unfortunately for evolutionists, there is no evidence for intelligent alien life out there is space.

Most evolutionists are more "down-to-earth" when dealing with the matter of where we came from. They believe that the fossils have the answer to this riddle. After looking at the various fossil finds, they have concluded that human beings evolved from apes. Now what IS their "proof"? Well, one of these so-called "proofs" is a fossil skeleton from Eastern Africa. The skeleton is that of an ape called Australopithicus named "Lucy". Lucy is only about three feet tall and many scientists believe that she is the starting point of mankind, not because of her skin, which was hairy, or her brain which is only a third of the size of ours. Scientists believe that Lucy and her kin are the starting point of mankind because they walked upright like us. So maybe the reason why we are here on earth is to make apes look really cool!

No, of course not. That's too silly. When evolutionists declare humans evolved from apes, they often include the fact that ape DNA is around 99% similar to human DNA. Well, that must prove we're related to apes, right? No it doesn't. There are a lot of things with similarities but really have nothing to do with the other. For instance, a watermelon is 99% water, a jellyfish is 99% water and a cloud is also 99% water. Now do these things have anything to do with each other? No.

Besides, we don't even really know if Lucy and her relations walked upright anyway. If you will look at Lucy and her relative's hips, you will see that they are of a different shape than a human's and they would be uncomfortable walking upright like us. However, it does appear that Australopithicus did  have a more upright posture then many living apes. See this link for more information: "Did Lucy walk like us?".

So it turns out Lucy and her relations were just normal apes. Unlike what the evolutionists suggest, we are VERY different from the apes, and from ALL other creatures on earth actually. As the Bible describes in the  book of Genesis, chapter two, we learn that God made us in the image of Himself. This doesn't mean we look like God, but instead this means that we have many of His qualities. For instance, we have things that no animal has, like an eternal soul. When an animal dies, its soul dies with it. But when a human dies, our soul lives on. Now after we die, there is no place in-between Heaven and Hell. Both locations are very real. The Bible also says that we can choose which place we wish to go. To go to Heaven, we must accept that we are sinners (you will remember that the first man and woman brought sin into the world and that sin sort of like a genetic trait) and accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of our lives. Only YOU can make that choice. (If you wish to make that first step to Christ, please send me an email at

Wow, we sure went through a lot today! We took a quiz, got a briefing of what's happening at my church and we learned that humans are made in God's image and apes are made in the image of . . . well, apes! This blog is updated every week, so be sure to check back often to get the latest scoop and a bunch of other stuff. See you next time!

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